Buying Your First Home After the Military

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Buying Your First Home After the Military

Buying Your First Home After the Military

Buying a home after the military can be an exciting but overwhelming process for you and your family. You have many factors to consider, like the future size of your family, your budget, where you want to live, and more.

Starting the process early with a detailed plan can make transitioning out of the military and into your family home stress-free. Use our tips below to begin searching for your new home after the military.

Carefully Consider Your Options

When transitioning out of the military, the first thing you should do is carefully consider your options. Are you ready to buy a home and settle down with your family, or do you want to return to school, pursue different careers, or travel more?

We recommend considering the following factors:

  • Career opportunities: Do you or your spouse plan on pursuing a career that requires you to live in a certain location?
  • Educational needs: Do you or your spouse want to further your education, and if so, where? Do you plan on living there after you graduate?
  • Family planning: Will you need a home your family can grow into? Do you want to live close to your extended family?
  • Urban versus rural life: Do you picture yourself living in a big urban city, rural farm area, suburban neighborhood, or somewhere in between?
  • Travel: Can you imagine living in one place for a few years, or do you prefer to move around frequently?

Discuss these questions with your spouse to create a military retirement plan for your family.

Determine Your Budget and Military Support

After determining that buying a home after the military is the right step for your family, you’ll need to calculate your budget so you can begin property hunting. You can create a budget based on your military retirement pay, any additional income sources from your spouse or other entities, your living expenses, and how much you’re comfortable paying each month.

On average, mortgage companies recommend spending around 25% to 28% of your total income on your house’s monthly payments, though you can meet with a lender to receive a more exact rate based on your credit score and qualifications.

Aside from your monthly payments, you need to consider closing costs. As a veteran, you can apply for a VA loan, which offers no down payments or mortgage insurance requirements. We recommend meeting with real estate agents knowledgeable in VA loans to make the process easier.

You may also receive relocation benefits depending on the timeframe of your move.

Choose the Best Location

Once you nail down your budget, you can begin shopping for homes. The best way to narrow your results is by picking your preferred location first. Keep in mind your future life considerations from above when picking your home’s locations.

The following are a few factors to consider:

  • School zones for current or future children
  • You and your spouse’s career
  • Educational opportunities for you or your spouse
  • Where your families live
  • Proximity to the airport, shopping strips, restaurants, sporting or music venues, parks, etc.
  • Nightlife
  • Average resident age
  • Average cost of living
  • Access to healthcare

Find a Home That Meets Your Needs

Once you’ve picked your ideal location and budget, you can begin shopping for your dream home.

New construction homes can be modern, luxurious properties built with your exact enhancements in mind, right in your favorite neighborhood. Unlike a preowned property, you will enjoy a turnkey, stress-free move-in process with all of your favorite appliances and paint colors waiting for you. New construction properties feature state-of-the-art energy-efficient technology that lets your family enjoy maximum convenience and savings while yielding high returns on your investment.

Further benefits of new construction properties include the following:

  • Open concept designs
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Extended warranty periods
  • Top-notch amenities
  • Move-in ready convenience
  • Ideal upkeep for first-time homebuyers

Design a new construction home to meet whatever comes next in your life. New construction properties can meet your needs now while leaving room for growth and change as your post-military life evolves.

Journey Homes: Your Forever Home Is Waiting for You

If you’re buying a home after the military and seeking something to meet your needs now and in the future, contact Journey Homes at (830) 312-0303 to learn more about our luxury new construction homes in the Texas Hill Country.

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