2023 Home Building Trends and Unique Features

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2023 Home Building Trends

2023 Home Building Trends and Unique Features

As a luxury home builder in the Texas Hill Country, we see certain home building trends becoming increasingly popular. The residential construction industry continues to evolve, with more and more consumers looking for houses with unique features, fully functional living spaces, and a more luxurious design overall.

Today’s luxury home builders across the United States have embraced these trends to create high-quality, beautiful, and functional homes that last.

In this article, we share some of the most popular building trends we expect to stick around for a while.

Home Building Trends Here To Stay

Energy Efficiency

Continually advancing technology puts energy efficiency at the forefront of home design.

Homeowners facing high costs of living and economic inflation look to save money wherever they can, including reducing energy bills with highly efficient home features. Many of today’s home builders install energy-efficient windows, lighting, and HVAC equipment with digital thermostats to provide homeowners with the efficiency they want from modern homes.

We don’t expect to see this trend disappear any time soon. Rather, we anticipate builders and designers will prioritize energy efficiency on an ongoing and increasing basis as homeowners seek to cut costs.

High-Quality Materials

Home builders and consumers have turned away from mass-produced building materials in recent years to create luxury houses that stand the test of time. While mass-produced materials often cost less, modern homeowners prefer more resilient materials that require less frequent replacement to maintain beauty and function.

For example, the once popular laminate countertop has been replaced by many builders with finer and longer-lasting options, such as quartz or granite. These high-quality materials are much more durable, providing a highly resilient surface that will maintain its aesthetic appeal for decades.

Functionality That Lasts

Recent years have also witnessed a rise in home designs geared toward household growth. Builders are creating more dynamic spaces built to accommodate the family as it changes over time rather than focusing only on the household’s current needs.

We embrace this home building trend at Journey Homes, where our motto is, “Built for whatever comes next.” We build luxury homes designed with lasting function and beauty in mind.

Unique Features Growing in Popularity

Open and Flexible Floor Plans

Open, flexible floor plans have been at the forefront of home building trends throughout the 2020s, and we expect they will continue to remain popular for builders and consumers. Today’s homebuyers have come to expect open and spacious main floors from new construction builds.

Home builders provide flexible floor plans that allow homeowners to create unique spaces that best suit their lifestyles. Common main floor features include primary bedroom suites, guest suites, dens, and studies that homeowners can use as needed.

Beautiful and Highly Functional Family Space

In the past, new construction houses included formal spaces, such as formal living and dining rooms. The modern home builder often finds that today, rather than use up square footage on formal spaces, homeowners prefer open spaces designed to bring people together, such as open kitchens and family rooms.

Many modern builders forego formal rooms in lieu of more modest and open spaces. For example, a consumer may prefer a smaller, “pocket office” to a large office that takes up a lot of square footage.

Making Luxury and Comfort Cohesive

Today’s top home builders pair luxury with comfort for a higher standard of living. Luxury materials meet comfort-based designs to make the homeowner’s daily life as enjoyable as possible and create the ideal spaces for their lifestyles.

For example, laundry rooms in new construction builds often feature high-quality materials like granite countertops and hardwood floors. Luxury home builders may also offer built-in features, such as cozy seating, pet washing stations, and coffee bars for a functional and comfortable luxury space.

Find the Luxury Home of Your Dreams Today!

At Journey Homes, we’re excited to see how home building trends continue to evolve.

Our talented builders embrace current trends to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations of high-quality luxury living.

Contact Journey Homes today at 830-312-0303 and discover the perfect place to call home in the Texas Hill Country.

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