The Best Schools in New Braunfels, TX (2023)

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Best Schools In New Braunfels, TX, 2023

The Best Schools in New Braunfels, TX (2023)

If you’re looking for a new hometown to raise your family in, you’ve come to the right place. New Braunfels, Texas, offers excellent educational opportunities for your children. The schools in New Braunfels receive above-average ratings for their graduation rates, proficiency assessments, and expenditures.

Education quality impacts your family in many ways. Schools teach your kids more than just math and science skills, offering valuable social lessons that shape their independence.

New Braunfels Independent School District (ISD) spends an average of $11,270 per student throughout their education. Of the 8,300 students, over 95% graduate, which is above the national average. New Braunfels ISD also boasts above-average ACT scores, high college attendance ratings, and academic excellence awards.

We understand that selecting a new community and school for your family is a huge decision, so we want to help. Below, we discuss the top public and private schools in New Braunfels.

Top 5 Public Schools in New Braunfels

If you’re interested in sending your children to public schools, you have plenty of excellent options to choose between. New Braunfels has 16 public schools, many of which have above-average proficiency and diversity scores. The top five public schools are as follows:

1. Hoffmann Lane Elementary School: Hoffman Lane boasts above-average math and reading scores at 85%, ranking it in the top 5%. The school offers preschool through Grade 5 education with 771 students total.

2. Timberwood Park Elementary School: Timberwood Park Elementary has high math and reading averages in the top 5% of New Braunfels ISD facilities. The school offers free meal deals on student lunches in a warm, safe, and welcoming environment.

3. Smithson Valley Middle School: Smithson Valley Middle has 731 students across Grades 6 through 8 with above-average math and reading proficiency scores. With 15 athletic programs, 100% pre-SAT enrollments, and low student-teacher ratios, this school in New Braunfels is a top choice for many.

4. Memorial Early College High School: Memorial Early College sets your kids up for high educational levels, with just 379 attending Grades 9 through 12.

5. Pieper Ranch Middle School: If you’re interested in a large public school experience, consider Pieper Ranch, with nearly 1,500 children attending Grades 6 through 8.

Top 5 Private Schools in New Braunfels

Private schools typically offer smaller class sizes, smaller student-to-teacher ratios, and more individualized educational experiences.

Most New Braunfels private schools have religious affiliations. If you wish to combine your child’s faith and education, you should consider one of the following top-ranked private schools:

1. New Braunfels Christian Academy: New Braunfels Christain Academy offers preschool through Grade 12 education with 574 students total.

2. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School: If you’re part of the Catholic faith, Sts. Peter and Paul offers preschool through Grade 8 education with 410 total students.

3. Calvary Baptist Academy: Calvary Baptist Academy is the smallest school on our list, with just 101 students enrolled in preschool through Grade 12. If you want your child to join a tight-knit community throughout their schooling experience with just a handful of kids per class, this may be the school for you.

4. Cross Lutheran Church and School: Cross Lutheran offers education through Grade 8, with 154 students practicing integrated Bible studies within their education.

5. First Protestant Church School: First Protestant is another Christian private school offering just preschool and kindergarten education with 214 children enrolled.

New Braunfels, TX: A Great Place to Call Home!

Schools in New Braunfels offer excellent educational opportunities where kids can grow into successful, intelligent, and independent adults. The town has lots to offer for your entire family, including museums, natural attractions, zoos, parks, historical sites, and much more.

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